Quality Control & Assurance.

The primary quality policy is to provide confidence and satisfaction to the client and recognising that quality is the focal point of the contractual obligations

Tamdeed has its own internal construction management department that regulates and monitors projects from inception to creation. This department provides the company with all aspects of project planning including, time control, cost control, functional control, quality control & assurance, claims preparation, and contract administration support.

All of Tamdeed’s control systems have objectives against which performance can be measured and are recognized as key performance indicators. Each project undertaken by Tamdeed has a unique set of parameters based on the context of the project itself, and as result the objectives are framed in terms that relate to the task’s environment.

Skilled and competent workmanship is essential for all activities in construction and determines the final quality of works. To ensure that works are carried out to the desired specifications, it is imperative that all procedures implemented are strictly followed during the execution of all phases of works. Regular and scheduled inspections are made to ensure that the arrangements made for execution are in compliance with approved methods, statement of plans, labour laws, materials, and temporary works. Furthermore, it is essential to carry out tests on construction materials and machinery to ensure that the appropriate specific materials are utilised and in line with regulation standards.

The primary quality policy is to provide confidence and satisfaction to the client and recognising that quality is the focal point of the contractual obligations. It is also one of the leading objectives of Tamdeed to encourage the participation of all employees and implement its quality control systems in accordance with international standards to remain competitive in the market. The quality control system is established to implement and maintain an effective means of ensuring that performed works, services, and products provided by the company conform to specified requirements.

Tamdeed’s quality assurance and control systems require a thorough approval of subcontractors prior to utilisation. Using a Quality Team approach to the Quality Control (QC) functions as part of a hierarchy of control that is constantly reviewing that parameters are met. The quality team is made up of Tamdeed staff, personnel from project engineers, and personnel from the subcontractors. The requirement for training the quality team is to impose the much required coordination and communication between all parties involved. Under the Tamdeed quality team approach, the person performing the work is responsible for the output quality, and their supervisor is responsible for ensuring those quality requirements are achieved. QC Team will conduct phased inspections for all of the specified work in accordance with the contract and regulations outlined.

Furthermore, to maintain our high standards, the QC Manager has complete authority and responsibility to implement and maintain the Company Quality Control Program. They assure that personnel assigned to their team, shall perform the necessary and appropriate quality control functions at all times. The QC Manager also has the authority to identify if quality is not up to standard and recommend/provide solutions and bring works to an abrupt halt until solutions have been identified and communicated clearly.

For more of an in depth understanding of our work in regards to quality control and assurance please email us at info@tamdeed-int.com.

Quality Control & Assurance

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